Gamification and Rewards for the Blockchain.

A decentralized Ethereum-based solution for managing and issuing points, rewards and achievements.

White Paper

Bringing Transparency And Decentralization To Loyalty Programs

Just as the blockchain has transformed the exchange of money, blockchain technologies have the potential to transform how businesses incent and reward customers. The core tenets of decentralization and transparency that underlie blockchain can be equally applied to loyalty programs and gamification initiatives.

We Are Seeking Partners To Help Build The Ecosystem

The POINT token platform is looking for partners. We've already started the technical work:

  1. We have written, tested and deployed a smart contract for managing rewards and achievements. It is deployed to the Ethereum Rinkeby test network here. The Solidity smart contract itself can be found on GitHub here.
  2. We have an open source Command Line Interface (CLI) on GitHub for owners to interact with the contract, making it super easy to create and issue awards and tokens.
  3. We have implemented the protocol as a tenant at EFOLIO, a cryptocurrency portfolio website. You can experience the platform on the EFOLIO website today.
Now we need partners to help us perfect the system so contact us today!

How It Works

The POINT token is an ERC20 compliant smart contract deployed to the Ethereum blockchain. The contract manages the entirety of tracking achievements and issuing points, all done transparently.

For Website Owners

By joining the POINT Token project, website owners can create awards, issue awards and give out POINT tokens to their users.


Each owner can issue and track their own rewards and points.

For Users

Users simply need to provide a public Ethereum address and they can receive awards and POINT tokens. Their points and achievements live on the blockchain.

A Token Economy

With adoption, we anticipate the POINT token will create an economy and market of its own.

Join The Beta Program

Please contact us if you would like to join our beta program and use POINT tokens for awarding achievements and points. Joining the ecosystem is free right now. But it may not always be, so become an early adoptor today and help us bring the power of the blockchain to rewards and gamification.

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